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1Are the vets fees expensive?Import
2Are the vets fees expensive?Quarantine FAQ
3Are there any circumstances when animals cannot fly?Export
4Can you help me with the import permit?Quarantine FAQ
5Do you have a comfortable place for us to wait should we choose wait for our pets to clear Customs ?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
6Do you have a vet who could check my pets over on arrival?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
7Do you have somewhere we can exercise our dog before going home?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
8How far is Airpets from the customs clearance area?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
9How long does it take for Pets to Clear Customs?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
10How will we be able to find Airpets if we don’t have a car?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
11I am worried that my pet will not be able to recognise us when he is released after 4 months.Quarantine FAQ
12I am worried that my pet will not be able to recognise us when he is released.Import
13Is there anything else I should know?Quarantine FAQ
14Our pets may need freshening up before taking them home after a long flight. Do you have a grooming parlour?Pet Travel Scheme FAQ
15What happens if my pet falls ill whilst in quarantine?Quarantine FAQ